CSULB AMA Dinner with a CEO Auction

Thursday, October 30, 2008

CSULB AMA Dinner with a CEO Auction

Focused on providing the best deals possible, Qmania's CEO Doug Kato wanted to give back to the organization and help them with their fund raising by auctioning himself off to CSULB students for dinner so they can ask him any questions. The organization holding this Dinner Auction with a CEO was presented by the California State University of Long Beach, American Marketing Association chapter.
You've might have seen these auction paddles before; that's because they were given out as hand fans [now modified auctioning paddles] to the Rock the Bells hip hop festival back in August of 2008. The Qmania fans were a hit then, and they were a hit at the auction event, which might I add was a great promotional tool to get our website out at the school.

The Auction turned out great. Other CEOs and Professors were auctioned off too, including one of the founders of Net Zero and our friend at Qmania, Harold Mackenzie. The students on campus who attended the event had a fun and memorable experience which not many people have the opportunity to experience.

Pictures provided by Chris Hiramastu of Chrishiramatsuphotography.com


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