A Spot Light in West Long Beach, The West Wing ...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Spot Light in West Long Beach, The West Wing ...

West Long Beach, CA isn't exactly like Beverly Hills or the art district of Long Beach; for a boutique shop to be in that area is quite absurd. That hasn't stopped Dave Bennett in finding his niche market of knowing what his populations wants and needs. Starting originally a water store to sale clean/purified water before the days of bottled water, to transforming to a beeper/pager store to notify people that other people need to talk to them, to a pre-paid cellular shop without the hassle of credit checks and contracts, Dave found the necessities needed in a low income population.

So how and why did he transform his store into a boutique shop?
He's good friends with the founder of Crooks and Castles, Dennis Calvero, who's hooked Dave up with some of the sickest and exclusive gear from Crooks and Castles.
Many of Dave's customers don't or cannot find the transportation to travel to the boutique shops of Fairfax, let alone afford them. "Beach Communications" which was the original name at the time, was the low-key
premiere spot to find the hottest street-fashion gear in great prices and deals.

With the word of mouth referrals from his loyal customers to other potential customers, "Beach Communications" has made its presence in the west side of Long Beach. "Selling these gear and skateboards wasn't my main focus at the time, it was just a little side project. But seeing how many of these people, some traveling from great distances to check out the shop, is amazing. I still can't believe it."

Seeing the potential in becoming a competitor amongst the "giants" in boutique stores, Dave secretly starts to make his move in transforming his once water-beeper-prepaid-cellphone-shop into what is sure to be a "must stop by" shop in the LA/OC area. A little less than two months later, "The West Wing" makes its [re]grand opening.

To show his appreciation to his customers, he threw BBQ party, a
long with the help of "the Antics" team from Toyota, to give out free on-the-spot silk screened shirts, good food, good music, but more importantly, a good ol' time.

One of Dave's important customers are his skateboard crowd, which range from elementary to high schoolers. Many of which come from a single parent, low income household. For him to bring something positive back into the community, during his [re]grand opening, is truly something admirable and special.

We wish "The West Wing" the best of luck and we are truly proud to have it on board Qmania. Did you know about The West Wing deals going on right now?

The West Wing
1738 W. Willow St.
Long Beach, CA 90810


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