In4mation Vans Limited Edition Half Cab

Monday, November 10, 2008

In4mation Vans Limited Edition Half Cab

One of our favorite brands/stores has collaborated with Vans to make the exclusive In4mation Half Cabs. Only a limited amount have been made, 500 to be exact.

If you want to be an In4mation "insider," to get the scoop on how you can reserve a pair in advance:
1.) go to their page
2b.) create a qmania account for free if you don't have one,
(No worries, we hate spam and junk mail, so you won't get any from us, and your info is strictly confidential.)
3.) choose if you want to receive updates by text, email, or both.

You'll get "advance information / the inside scoop" on all In4mation exclusive projects.
get "Q'd in" for more In4mation.....

Check out how stealth the houndstooth pattern is underneath the denim,
makes you wish you scooped that limited edition In4mation houndstooth "HI" cap right
(see below)?


kong37 said...

Oh Mama!!!!

Anonymous said...

What what??!! Does the heal tear away? That is awesome! I gotta win a pair of these.

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