Long Beach Gold Sprints: Recap

Monday, November 10, 2008

Long Beach Gold Sprints: Recap

Congratulations to Josh and the Long Beach Gold Sprints Crew for throwing down a great event.

Qmania was happy to support Long Beach Gold Sprints' first official indoor event. Alex's Bar was our host and they took great care of us. We had Dave working the grill all day long and Jesse and the crew behind the bar was super fast and nice. If you've not been to Alex's Bar, you need to. To top it all off, Bici Concepts provided all of the winning prizes for the event. Needless to say, the winners were stoked to be leaving with so much great gear.

We had a grip of people show up and help make it a great afternoon. Long Beach really stepped it up, for sure. We can't wait for the other events coming up. Those of you that didn't attend missed a good time of PBR and tons of free gear from Qmania, including product from: Bloodbath, Fumanchu, Up Above Records, Prequel Magazine and many more.

We were there in full force with Magic Mike the Media Guru. That means that you should keep your eyes open for some good video footage soon.

PS: As always, people rolled up on some sick bikes. Check out some of the misc shots we got.


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