BIL:2009 at Cal State Long Beach - Anticipation

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BIL:2009 at Cal State Long Beach - Anticipation

We're a buzz over the recent move of TED and BIL to LBC. Welcome to Long Beach!

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an invitation-only event where the world's leading thinkers and doers gather to find inspiration. They've outgrown Monterey, and are heading to Long Beach from now on! Yea!

BIL is a newer "un-conference" alternative. It's a self-organizing event brought to you some of the worlds most creative cats. You might have heard about it on NPR, in Wired, from Scoble, or through another media source.

We're planning to build density for the conferences. We'll be contacting a bunch of great local businesses in Long Beach and Los Angeles, to provide the best deals for the most creative conferences coming through the area. If you're coming, we'd love to hear where you'd like to see deals in the area.

Answer a quick survey to help us find the best deals for you!


Anonymous said...

I'd love TED & BIL attendees to share their experiences (and promos!) at

Why not contact John Trapper re: utilizing KBEACH, csulb student radio while on campus?

PsssT: Why not try for discounts at, and other restaurants on Pine, Shoreline Village and The Pike for TEDgoers and The Marketplace area (Tantulum, Sachi, etc) for the BILgoers (I see you are in touch with DiPiazza's, may I recommend their double combo pizza?)

Long Beach = The Prime Spot!

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Trapper just sent out an email today to all kbeach radio DJ's and others (I fall under the 2nd category).

TPSradio on LBCTelevision
"Save Cable Access TV"
Long Beach, SoCaLifornia

PS If you're hanging around TED downtown Tues Feb 3rd, stop by to enjoy at the Auld Dubliner 10pm-1am!

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