30% Discount at the Penguin Stores

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

30% Discount at the Penguin Stores

You probably didn't even know that those great penguin shirts you get from the vintage clothing store are actually called "Original Penguin".  We're saddened to report that Qmania didn't know either.  We're sorry Penguin Crew.

We're willing to bet that you didn't know that they were throwing up a 30% good for in-store and online purchases.

Though we missed the date of this deal, we wanted to post it for two reasons:  

1)  Remind you that Penguin is a legit brand and they give deals

2)  We thought the ad below was pretty cool (and a good deal)

Nice work, Penguin.


Anonymous said...

the spring Penguin line looks really good! they currently have a 25% off discount on regular price merch. the code is opgearth and it expires this sunday. enjoy!

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