BJ Learns that Web 2.0 is Much More Powerful Than Traditional Marketing

Monday, April 20, 2009

BJ Learns that Web 2.0 is Much More Powerful Than Traditional Marketing

BJ Penn, like all other brands serious about reaching their customers through relevant channels, are searching for tools to help get their messaging out to the masses. This past weekend, the BJ Penn camp became the first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) team to leverage a real-time customer loyalty program via the Internet. They did it with Qmania.

Now that has a profile on Qmania, their biggest fans can get exclusive up-to-the-minute deals, promotions, exclusives, etc... literally. A deal driven website, all companies have to do to begin fully utilizing Qmania is to simply create a deal/discount/coupon for their loyal fans. They then sent a short email notifying them that there are exclusive deals simply waiting for them.

It doesn't stop there. and other businesses are able to have direct email and/or SMS text communication with their "Insiders". That means that when a business posts an exclusive deal to their Qmania profile, their Insiders (opt-in service) will receive a text message, email or both.

Once an Insider learns of exclusive deals, they can post it to their Facebook, Twitter and other favorite social media sites. These Insiders then become a driving force spreading the word about the deal. Added value all around.

The Qmania platform is designed to be equally functional for a multi-national brand or a local spot. The good news is that not only does Qmania connect to consumers in more effective ways, but it also seamlessly links businesses to each other. Let's take for example: RVCA and . Through Qmania's 1 Click system, these two brands can connect on the Qmamia platform and make their respective deals/promotions/coupons available to one anothers core users. Digest that for a second. It's even more powerful than most can imagine at first glance.

Good thing that picked up on this and is taking it to the next level! We're honored to be part of this.

Learn more about Qmania here.


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