40% Off - While Supplies Last - Nooka Watches | Discount

Thursday, May 14, 2009

40% Off - While Supplies Last - Nooka Watches | Discount

What time is it? Perhaps it's time to get a watch. And one that may be a little different and hipper than all your friends and colleagues. Nooka ring a bell? Attic Online is having a huge promo right now that'll hook you up with some of the slickest watches available at a deep discount. Nooka watches are being sold on Attic for a 40% discount while supplies last. Watch out:

Click Here for the Coupon

40% Off while Supplies Last on Nooka Watches from Attic Online!

The Catch:

You'll have to pay 60% of the price. Hey, it beats paying 100% right? You'll also have to order sooner than later, because this promotional offer lasts until Attic's supply of Nooka watches runs out of time. Literally.

Deal Details:
  • Purchase must be made through Attic's Online Shop.
  • Free shipping is not included.
  • Some exclustions apply (maybe a typo, probably a hybrid neologism of "exclusions and exceptions" ;)
  • This is a limited time offer. The 40% discount on Nooka watches lasts as long as Attic's supplies do. In other words, you gotta catch 'em know for the deal.

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