Memorial Day Sale: $500 INSTANT Rebate on Bikes

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Sale: $500 INSTANT Rebate on Bikes

If an instant rebate of $500 off your bike purchase at Performance Bicycle is not enough to make your Memorial Day Sale list, then we think you should see a doctor.  Seriously, send us an email and we'll suggest a great doctor that specializes in life forms from other planets.

We know that Performance always has sales on bikes, but they are hit and miss.  With their Memorial Day blowout, they are taking it to the next level.  If you have the need to grab that full carbon road bike that retails for $2,500, you can get it for $2,000.  Don't forget that they have single speed, bmx, hybrid bikes, downhill bikes, kids bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes.  Anyway you slice it, Performance has created a GREAT deal.

We should add that the less you spend on a bike, the smaller your instant rebate.  No surprise there, but worth mentioning.  They have it all listed on their webpage.  Just think, you could purchase a new set of bikes for the entire family and save a bit of cash in the meantime.  Qmania loves the sound of that.


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