Save 20% -eHarmony-Coupon Code

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Save 20% -eHarmony-Coupon Code

Money is tough these days seems like the last thing everyone is thinking about is finding that special someone. Well don't let the economy hinder you from that special someone. eHarmony is having a promotion where you save 20% on a 6 month subscription. eHarmony is the most trusted and respected relationship service. Their mission is impacting people around the world in a positive way that will continue to so for generations to come. So what are you waiting for 2009 is the year of love.

eHarmony-Coupon Code- Save 20% on 6 month subscription

All you have to do is fill out your information and enter in the coupon code: CJPROMOAAA
to save 20% on a 6 month subscription to eHarmony.

Save 17% on a 12 month subscription to eHarmony by entering the coupon code: CJPROMOBBB

Share your savings with your family and friends.

For more savings please visit and watch the savings rise up.

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