AutoZone Tire Jack Inflator - FREE with Rebate

Monday, August 10, 2009

AutoZone Tire Jack Inflator - FREE with Rebate

Driving on the road, heading towards the freeway onramp and BAM - a bump in the road, so to speak. What happened? I rolled over a small nail-filled ditch in the middle of the street. It's fine, though. I can change a tire. I whip out my jack and start jacking up the Tahoe. A couple minutes of jacking goes on and the jack tumbles over, giving in to the weight of the truck. Apparently you need one of those $300 super heavy duty jacks for the bigger cars. The Chevy Tahoe only comes with the dainty lower duty jack. No wonder American cars are doing so well. So I have to give in and call AAA.

As someone who just had a flat tire experience last week, I have to thank AutoZone providing a solution to flat tires that doesn't cost $300. The AutoZone is giving away free Prestone Tire Jack Inflators that can jack up, inflate and patch up a flat tire instantly. Also available is Prestone Complete Fuel System Cleaner. All you have to do is fill out the mail-in rebate.

Print this rebate
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Anonymous said...

There's a product at that keeps tires round when punctured.

See the video that shows a tire running over spikes.

In the mean time, thanks for the tip about Autozone.


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