Baja Fresh Burrito Giveaway

Monday, August 31, 2009

Baja Fresh Burrito Giveaway

It's the time a year again when you get rewarded for being on the cutting edge of the internet and being apart of Facebook. Today the giver of gifts is Baja Fresh who are rewarding all of its fans with an absolutely free, always tasty burrito. The coupon for the free burrito requires only a Facebook account and the purchase of a soft drink you most assuredly would buy anyway. Quench your thirst and snack on a burrito.
For every food place I go to, I alternate only between a couple different things on the menu. I'm a creature of habit, to say the least. At Baja Fresh, my burrito of choice is the Chicken Caesar Baja Fresh Burrito. Something about the idea of a salad in a burrito makes it sound healthy. The best part of Baja Fresh is the consistently great atmosphere. Here is a good gauge on how good a food place is: watch and see if the employees eat there on their breaks. Baja Fresh is one of those restaurants and its a place where employees of other restaurants choose to eat.

Baja Fresh Guarantee:
We strive for nothing less than our customers' absolute satisfaction! Any of our menu items can be customized to fit your personal preferences. Whether you order online, dine in, take it to go or call in your order, it's the way you want it everytime.

Baja Fresh® guarantees that your food will not be made until you order! Enjoy your meal in a clean upbeat environment, served with a genuine smile!

Cashing in on the great deal and getting the coupon is simple. Sign in to your Facebook account, become a fan of Baja Fresh and print out the entire page with the coupon, not just the coupon. This is so people don't use multiple coupons, etc. You need to bring a form of ID, also. With the purchase of a soft drink soda, you will get a free burrito of your choice.

Offer lasts one day only, September 1st, 2009 from 2pm-5:30pm.

Baja Fresh on Facebook
Baja Fresh Burritos
Baja Fresh store locator

If you're among the few still not on Facebook, signup, then be sure to Fan Qmania.
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