Olive Garden Neverending Pastas are back

Monday, August 17, 2009

Olive Garden Neverending Pastas are back

You were on a diet, huh? I say were because Olive Garden's Neverending Pastas are back which means it's noodles time! - Italian style.
For $8.99 you can get a neverending stream of tasty pasta from the Olive Garden. For just $1.99, add meatballs or italian sausage. Checkout the Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta interactive site. You can design a pasta bowl online. Roasted Portobello Pomodoro looks good to me - hold the olives.

Not only is Olive Garden home of the best pasta and breadsticks, it is home of the best service around. RealPeopleRatings.com's rated the Olive Garden Olive fought off competitors such as Outback Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse in winning the top spot for the Full-service restaurant category.

Customer service can be a key in getting a customer to return to a business establishment. These rankings from Corporate Research International's RealPeopleRatings.com can play a key role in the success for a business keeping its customer base. The mystery shoppers are expected to be unbiased when completing their surveys for these rankings and rating them on their single experience with the business in the realm of customer service.

Don't discount the importance of service, it enhances the meal.

Well, so much for that diet. I'll look for a never-ending belt.

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