Sears Coupon Discount - Save $10 off Tools

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sears Coupon Discount - Save $10 off Tools

This coupon deal is near and dear to my heart. I worked in the hardware department of Sears for a year. I started off as a seasonal worker during the Christmas holiday season. Some department stores will give you training videos and customer service tests to test your aptitude and prepare you for the rugged world of retail sales. Well since it was the holiday season and they needed workers badly, I was hired without even being interviewed. Next thing I knew, I was on the sales floor of the hardware department trying to sell tools I had know idea how to even power on. My only protection was an 'In Training' sticker on my badge. Not exactly a bullet proof vest against the barrage of bullets that came in the form of angry customers who wanted to know how to choose between a Craftsman and a DeWalt. It was a real nightmare. After a couple days, I learned about two things that made working there easier. 1) Just read the box to the customer, and 2) Sears has great deals that can make anyone a top salesmen. The prices are always ridiculously good and their policies on return, and pricematching other stores gives them their strong customer base.

Right now at Sears using a coupon discount, you can get $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. After a few weeks, I became one of the top salesmen at the department. It's amazing what trial-by-fire can do for you. But really, the Sears products did most of the work. Just presenting the well-made products was usually enough, followed by a nice pitch and a friendly smile. The best pitches are the ones that are 100% true, and this one is: At Sears, if your Craftsman hand tool gets too worn down or breaks, you can bring it in for a free exchange, no questions asked. No receipt is even required.

Print this coupon, save $10.
Offer also valid for online purchases. The Sears coupon discount is automatically added to the cart.

Sears Coupon Discount - Save $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.


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