Timberland Friends and Family Event - 40% Off

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Timberland Friends and Family Event - 40% Off

What is it about a pair of Timberland that separate themselves from the competition? Timberland boots are one of the few pair of shoes that you can wear that don't have to match your clothes. Time after time I've worn my brown boots with blue jeans and no regard for having to worry about them matching anything else I'm wearing. It is a major statement when you can wear something and not match!

But of course you want your outfit to match as often as it can. That is easy to do when shopping at a Timberland story and right now you can put together a Timberland outfit for 40% off the regular price. Check these out:

Men's Thin Stripe Slub Jersey Polo

These slubbed cotton polo shirts go through an enzyme wash so they come out feeling super-soft to the touch. They're just as comfortable as your favorite tee but the collar gives them a more stylish, smart look. Imported.
I have this shirt, but in a different color and the description describes the comfort perfectly. It looks heavier than it is. It's actually fun to wear.

This is just one of the many sweet items you can get for 40% off. The Timberland Friends and Family event is from now until September 21st.

Use this coupon to save 40% off in-store purchases.
Find a store near you by clicking here.
You can also save when shopping online, just use this promo code:
While you're online, check out these Timberlands shoes, apparel and accessories already on sale, up to 40% off.
The event ends September 21st.


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