Proper Shoe Store - Black Friday Sale - 25% off

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Proper Shoe Store - Black Friday Sale - 25% off

It seems that with the whole sneaker craze, everyone and their mother's (figuratively and literally) are rocking the latest limited edition freshest kicks. With all the hyper crazy color-ways, over usage of the elephant print, and other textures, there's so much visual noise out there, or should I say, down there on peoples feet that I find myself clinging on to my classic basic styles.

Well enough with my rant, one of my favorite shops that just happens to be a few blocks away from me as well, is Proper in the East Arts Village in Long Beach, CA. The store's owners are humble, have a style sensibility and historical respect for great design, unlike what you would experience from many other "too cool for school" boutiques.

I can't remember the last time, or ever, that I've seen any "Sale" at Proper, so take this as big news for this coming Black Friday.

DEAL: 25% the entire shop
DATE: 11.27.2009 (Black Friday)
ADDRESS: 425 E 1st St
Long Beach, CA 90802-4905
(562) 628-9100


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