Innov8 Magazine brings the Local Buzz to interisland travel

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Innov8 Magazine brings the Local Buzz to interisland travel

After I jump on an airplane and get settled in my seat, the first thing I usually do when they tell me to shut off my Iphone and "all electronic equipment" is reach into the seat pocket in front of me, hoping not to touch something gross and sticky, usually to find a strange illustration of what to do an emegency should my flight pummel into the ocean, or, to find a catalog of interestingly useless things to purchase, or of course, the inflight magazine.

Well, if you happen to be hopping around in Hawaii on a GO! Mokulele interisland flight, you'll be lucky enough to find the ultra-kool Innov8 Magazine. Innov8 is free for passengers to take, and surprisingly so; the mag feels more of the quality of a coffee table art 'zine, with articles about food, culture, fashion, and all things local. While some might argue Innov8 appeals to a "younger-hip" demographic, age ain't nothin' but a number (like R. Kelly said unfortunately), and Innov8 appeals to all who are interested in exciting innovative things, (pun intended). Besides, who uses the word "hip" now anyways, unless your talking about hip-hop, but I digress...

If you get your grubby little hands on an Innov8 magazine, you'll be happy to find a special "Local Buzz" page, that features some exclusive deals and discounts from local businesses including some of Hawaii's favorite restaurants, clothing boutiques, nightlife locations, spas, and much more. So pick up an Innov8 and get your "Free Drumstick" at Popeye's Chicken Hawaii, or get a hookup on your meal at the Mai Tai bar at the Royal Hawaiian Resort, or any of the many exclusive deals in the mag.

Don't worry if you're not on a GO! Mokulele flight right now, you can checkout an online version of Innov8 and the "Local Buzz" deals here:
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