Popkiller on Qmania: Quirky, Cool, and Unique

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Popkiller on Qmania: Quirky, Cool, and Unique

Landmark shop for unique style and stuff that keeps people talking, Popkiller is on Qmania, offering deals on their unique tees. Welcome aboard guys!

Metromix has a great description of Popkiller:
A quirky vintage-lover's delight, the walls of popKiller are lined with shoes and tons of things in small sizes. Check out the scorpion arm bands, cases of ever-changing plastic and oversized baubles, and sunglasses that let people know you don't follow the herd. The random Japanese toys are fun and would make great inexpensive gifts. Somehow message tees from here still seem cool.
Check out their hard-to-find accessories for your home and pockets. Popkiller deals unique lighters, coasters, wallets, and gear. Check 'em out next time you're in little Tokyo or cruising Sunset. You're bound to leave with stuff and stories to impress your friends. Enjoy!


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