Mobile Ad Sales and the iPhone

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mobile Ad Sales and the iPhone

Everybody knows that more and more people are carrying iPhones. What most people don't think about is with that trend comes more and more advertisers looking to purchase ad space to be displayed on iPhones.

It makes sense to us at The more a marketing and communication channel progresses the more the traditional methods of advertising become less and less relevant for the younger generation and early adopters.

Heck, that's why Qmania is here. We are here to address the needs of modern consumers and brands, in addition to their more traditionally minded counterparts. I digress.

According to AdMob, the number 1 device in their ad network is now the iPhone. Let's put some numbers to that claim. From June 2008 to October 2008, AdMob's request for iPhone ad space jumped from a "modest" 28 million to a whopping 236 million. Their data also suggests that advertiser requests for iPhone ad placements more than double the combined total number of requests for all other global markets combined. It sounds like iPhone is not only growing, but so is AdMob. Once touted as the micro-industry that was well on its way to popping, due to poor timing and America's slow adoption of anything new and different, mobile ad sales continue to grow.

We say good for them! Who are we kidding? Once we launch our iPhone application, we'll be giving the good people at AdMob a buzz...on our iPhones.


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