2009 - The Year of Mobile Local

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 - The Year of Mobile Local

Mobile search has been an increasingly hot topic over the past couple years. Local search, too. And for good reason.

Recently, the Kelsey Group held a great webinar called “The Mobile Local Opportunity” which highlighted recent developments in these spaces and forecasted the future of the movements. The web presentations cover a slew of useful things (including mobile usage and ad revenues) but its focus was on Local Search. The Kelsey group underscored the real beauty of mobile advertising: that it allows businesses to get in the pockets of their consumers and transmit messages to them more easily and frequently.

Timely and useful information, especially as the world is going through it's current economic palpitation. Local businesses need mobile and local advertising to save costs and reach their consumer how their consumer wants to be reached. 2009. Big year for us all. Let's embrace and lead the change!


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