Qmania Company Profile - Behind the Scenes

Friday, March 6, 2009

Qmania Company Profile - Behind the Scenes

An interview with Doug Kato, Co-Founder and CEO of Qmania. A glimpse behind the scenes of the Qmania office. If you or someone you know owns or manages a business; a must watch.

Enjoy an insiders view of Qmania and its staff:


Thanks for all the positive feedback on the Company Profile! Great to hear from fans and users of Qmania!
Answers to some of your common questions:

Is it really free for businesses to use Qmania?

Yes. Businesses can use Qmania for absolutely free. People who want to use the offers and deals on Qmania can use it for free, too. More Details.

What's up with all the vinyl record labels on the wall?

The founders of Qmania, Kikuo Nishi, Kenny Ong, and Doug Kato also built Up Above Records (Visionaries, Look Daggers, Camile Velasco, LMNO, Kev Brown, 2MEX, Supernatural, Jurassic 5). The record sleeves on the wall are a snippet of Up Above's catalog.

What's up with all the iPhones?

90% of our office are avid iPhone users. Just can't be helped! (But when will un-jailbroken iPhones have copy/paste! - Update: Copy/Paste is here! Thanks Apple! :)

What's Alltop (around 02:42)?

Qmania is as much about saving paper (trees) as it is about saving paper (money). Please use our send-to-mobile options for deal downloads to keep the world a greener place! Alltop is a place for all today's top stories. In this case, a window for Green.Alltop is open. I must have been reading a bit of news on green technology - Good eye!


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