Free Shipping from Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Shipping from Urban Outfitters

You read right, folks.  Go to Urban Outfitters (.com) and get free shipping.  Let's have some "real talk".  We both know that you can spend $75 at Urban Outfitters.  All you have to do is grab some retro shades, a funny T shirt and coffee table book.  Shoot, you could even purchase 6 pair of kung fu shoes and you'd reach your $75 mark.  

The reason why $75 is the magic number is because that is what you have to spend in order to get the free shipping, Larry.  You have until April 27th.  Get moving and send your friends to this post so that they can get the hook-up here.

**NOTE:  We have some hip dressing cats here at Qmania, so you better get moving before we clean UO out.


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