Victoria's Secret: FREE Canvas Tote Bag

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Victoria's Secret: FREE Canvas Tote Bag

You thought "free" was for the suckers.  You thought that Victoria Secret wouldn't give you a FREE Canvas Tote Bag?  We're here to tell you that you shall be neglected no longer.  Let's face it.  If you're a guy, you spend (gladly) a lot of money here for your lady.  If you are a gal, you spend (equal to GDP of Croatia) a lot of money here on yourself.  

We love deals like this at Qmania.  Who doesn't need a new beach or pool bag to go with that new swimsuit?  Heck, you could take this to the market and stop using those lame plastic and paper bags.  It is Earth Day, after all!

All you have to do is buy a piece of swimwear here and use this code: SP917197 at checkout.  Act quickly because it expires soon!


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