WeSC Warehouse Sale

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WeSC Warehouse Sale

The WeSC warehouse sale is jumping off this week!  The threads that WeSC has been churning out make us happy at Qmania.  But it's not just us that are stoked about WeSC and this sick deal they have created.  The likes of Clint Peterson, Jason Lee, Benny Fairfax and Chris Pastras all preach the WeSC gospel.  

The word going around town is that it's going down in LA and you don't have to have a scraggly beard to get access.  Sweet!  People have been buzzing about this all week.  So, if you want to get serious about the textiles you strap to your back, get there early.  It's rocking from Th - Sat this week.  April 23rd, 2009 to April 25th, 2009.  Here are the deets that were posted on Transworld's site.  Skateboarding, DJs, fixed gear riders and hipsters all wear WeSC.  That's uncanny.

Get hooked up this week and don't forget that Qmania brings you the sickest deals, sales and promotions.


Claire1313 said...

WESC on sale & I believe you get a $10 credit when you sign up: http://www.hautelook.com/signup?sponsor=karen.ricardo@citi.com

You can also use coupon codes:
CUSTSERV10 for another $10 off
INSTYLE20 may still work for 20% off a $100 purchase (try it)

Hunter Wellies on sale Mon starting at $34 & enter to win a custom de la Renta dress: www.ideeli.com/invite/kkric13

Inhabit, Habitual etc. on sale via: http://www.giltgroupe.com/invite/karenricardo

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