Gamefly Gives FREE Trial Membership

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gamefly Gives FREE Trial Membership

If you are not a gamer, then this post will mean little to nothing to you.  A free trial membership to Gamefly so that that you can try out many games for free is a fantastic.  The staff at Qmania never really knew what to think about Gamefly.  Now is our chance to give it a go and learn if it's worth the cost after the trial.

First, it's beneficial to gain some context.  It's best to envision Gamefly like a Neflix, but with video game rentals, not movies.  Here's how Gamefly has set it up.  You go here, enter your information and select the box on the right side for the free trial membership.

We like to think that Netflix and Gamefly are on to something here.  But the eternal burning question is:  Does renting a game give you enough time to fully experience it?

What are your thoughts?


Mario Corteguera said...

what do you mean does renting a game give you time to fully experience it? of course it does, say you are on the 2 game plan and u rent 2 new $60 games. it would take more then 2 months for the fees to catch up to the money you would have spent on the game, and by that time you probably could have fully beaten both games, and start the 3rd game, it only took me a week or 2 to beat any of my games, and i have had no problems with gamefly yet. once i asked for a game, but never received it. it got lost in the mail. i told them, and they sent me the game again, i didn't get charged anything. gamefly allows you to get and beat plenty of games and for us gamers, it saves us plenty of money. but i still recommend buying games if you can, you support the developers, the people who sell the games for them, and if you ever want to play the game again or with a friend, you always have it at home. no waiting 2-4 days for it to get to you (to many gamers, that's like a lifetime to wait for a game you really want to play). i would recommend to any gamer that's about to sign up for gamefly to go for the 2 game plan, that way you can play one game until you beat it, send it back, start playing your second, 2-4 days later order the new one, and by the time you get the new one you are already nearing the end of the current one. 4-8 days is a while.

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