Jack In the Box Making Waves in Mobile Coupons with FREE Food Deals

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jack In the Box Making Waves in Mobile Coupons with FREE Food Deals

Giving away FREE food via mobile coupons is something that Jack in the Box knows more than a little bit about. Since January of 2009, Jack in the Box has teamed-up with Mobile Posse to serve deals for free food to subscribers. These are the sort of forward-thinking deals that Qmania loves. That's why we're telling you about it.

Jack in the Box is going through a great re-branding that includes everything from viral video, creative TV spots and "buzzworthy" mobile coupons. We predict that their competitors in the quick serve restaurant space (QSR) will attempt to follow suit. If they don't, they are crazy.

One way other QSRs can do it is to mimic the deals below and co-brand the coupon. Notice that these Jack in the Box deals are paired with Coca Cola. This is subtle, but quite powerful. Currently, the 3 deals Jack in the Box is running are fantastic and have a "buzz factor" going off the charts. They are:
  1. Buy 1 of Jack's Classics and get one FREE
  2. FREE Pita Snack with purchase of any Coke
  3. Upgrade to a combo for FREE

The great thing about this Jack in the Box / Mobile Posse push is that that it's relevant to a niche group of consumers that is growing daily. Though most Americans use their phones only to leave and retrieve voice mails (what Qmania likes to call "leave & retrievers"), the numbers of consumers that are using their phones to send video, redeem deals, listen to music, sync their CRM solutions and decipher QR codes is growing so quickly that advertisers are struggling to keep up.

We look forward to more great deals and coupons like this from Jack in the Box and other companies like KFC, Taco Bell, Subway, McDonalds, Quiznos, Hardees, Popeyes and Carls Junior.

These types of deals are delivered through the Mobile Posse platform that you download to your phone. The good news is that they are uploaded when your phone is in it's down time [read: when you're not using it]. Go here to get Mobile Posse on your phone and begin getting exclusive deals like these.


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