FREE SCOOP - Flavor Day - Haagen Dasz | Coupon

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FREE SCOOP - Flavor Day - Haagen Dasz | Coupon

Haagen-Dasz has been a staple for sweet-teeth around the world for years. Ice Cream equals Haagen-Dasz for more than a few of my friends. Well, good news for those friends, ice cream lovers worldwide, honeybees and schools! Haagen-Dasz is having their Free Flavor Day today (May 12) to celebrate and support honey bees and give you the scoop on their new honey flavors. Check out the promotional coupon below:

Click Here for the Coupon

Free Scoop this Flavor Day (May 12, 2009) from Haagen-Dasz!

The Catch:

No catch but the appeal of sweet ice cream. You'll probably have to confirm that the location you plan to head to is serving up the free scoop on Flavor Day. Apart from that bit of due diligence for your sweet-tooth, all you have to do it get the scoop in a cone or cup and enjoy it. Sweet deal for some honey ice cream.

Deal Details:
  • One free scoop per customer.
  • Free item includes one single-scoop cone or cup.
  • Offer valid on Bee-built ice cream flavors at participating locations only.
  • Cash redemption value is 1/20 of one cent. Technically, this means you could print $1 Million of these and turn $50 grand in revenue. The cost of printing a million sheets would be more than $50,000 though, not to mention all the wasted trees... so it may be a good idea to use the Olive Garden coupons you print. :)
  • Only Valid Today: May 12, 2009 from 4pm to 8pm.
We at Qmania love hearing about great deals and spreading the word on the truly buzzworthy. What could be more buzzworthy than bees? Good play Haagen-Dasz. Good play.


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