Save $4 on Two Dinner Entrees - Olive Garden | Coupon

Monday, May 11, 2009

Save $4 on Two Dinner Entrees - Olive Garden | Coupon

We know, we know. You like the soup and salad deal at Olive Garden. We all do, bro. But there is so a whole lot more to the O.G. menu! Next time you head to Olive Garden, be sure to carry this coupon along to step up your O.G. game with an entree. Or if you're with a date, get two entrees and save $4. There's always the soup and salad during your next visit. See the link below for the $4 Olive Garden discount:

Save $4 on Two Dinner Entrees - Olive Garden | Coupon

The Catch:

There really isn't one. You'll have to enter your name and email address for the deal. Olive Garden says you won't be opted into their email blast database if you do, though this raises the question: why collect the data? Nevertheless, it's a deal worth your digi-John Hancock.

Deal Details:
  • Coupon may only be used by the person whose name is printed on the coupon.
  • The coupon may be redeemed for $2.00 off each single dinner entrĂ©e with a limit of two single dinner entrees per coupon.
  • Cash redemption value is 1/20 of one cent. Technically, this means you could print $1 Million of these and turn $50 grand in revenue. The cost of printing a million sheets would be more than $50,000 though, not to mention all the wasted trees... so it may be a good idea to use the Olive Garden coupons you print. :)
  • Expiration Date: May 25, 2009
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