Quiznos Discount: $2 OFF Large Sub

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quiznos Discount: $2 OFF Large Sub

This $2 off a large sub discount at Quiznos is a good deal.  We're not going to try and lie to you.  A free sub is always better, but who gives away free subs these days?  $2 off their turkey sandwich is music to our ears.  

Let's take this a step further.  We are in a world of $5 subs at Subway.  There are far more Subways near your office, school and house than there are Quiznos.  But, are they are giving out any deals right now?  Not that we know of.  BUT Quiznos is giving deals to all of their loyal customers.  Go here to get on their super secret email list that they call "The QClub".  We've been testing them.  They won't spam you!  All they do is hook you up with deals on food.  We think that's pretty cool.  Heck you may even be able to save enough money to take your girl out for a snack this weekend.

Spread the word about Qmania, join the QClub and get the turkey sub!


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