Creative Recreation Shoes Parking Lot Sale at Sportie LA

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creative Recreation Shoes Parking Lot Sale at Sportie LA

Creative Recreation is one of my favorite shoe brands and for good reason; their styles are original, edgy, and owner Rich One is a very good friend of mine. For those who don't know, Rich "One" Confinco has been in the shoe industry for years, formerly designing for Vans, launching other boutique shoe brands, and finally, grinding on Creative Recreation for somewhere around a decade. Rich One is a ultra-talented artist who has designed art for many of his neighborhood homies including the first 12" single cover for Up Above Records "Can U Hear It," the first 2 Visionaries album covers, and the Visionaries "Eyecon" logo. Rich's circle of friends and family include the Beat Junkies, Visionaries, and the owners of Crooks & Castles. While everyone knows that I'm a shoe head, well, Rich One is one of the O.G.'s when you're talking sneakers, probably about a decade and a half appreciating kicks before the "sneaker craze."

As a graff writer, dancer, and consummate hip-hop head, Rich One lives by the philosophy of being original and adhering to the "NO BITING" ethic that has been seemingly lost in this generation of copy-cat, formula-stealing clones. Shortly after the Creative Recreation "Cesario" started gaining recognition from LA, Tokyo, to NYC, you will see the obvious "influences" the shoe had on designs from Puma to Nike. With that being said, you should know that Creative Recreation is just that:
Uber-Creative design in footwear for your Recreational activities.

Well, here's your chance to scoop some CRecs up at a "Parking Lot Sale" at Sportie LA.
Friday 10.23 through Sunday 10.25.2009
12 - 6 pm
Sportie LA
7753 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Glenn Friesen said...

I saw one of my students wearing creative recreation! I didn't realize how far the talent and style of creative rec's spread, and still don't. These guys rock, and insiders know it!

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