HP, Bing 25% Cashback in effect

Sunday, October 18, 2009

HP, Bing 25% Cashback in effect

As was mentioned yesterday, right now - for who knows exactly how long - save up to 25% on Hewlett-Packard products. Items are going fast.

To take advantage of the deal:
1) head over to Bing.com
2) do a search for "hp"
3) click on the "HP Official Store (Get 25% Bing Cashback)"
4) Signup for Bing.com cashback
5)) Start shopping

Important note: you will not see the "HP Official Store" if you have an adblocker, since it is an ad (but one of the best ads ever, right?). So either disable the adblocker or run it in Internet Explorer.
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Glenn Friesen said...

Ya, but aren't these bing cashback links really just affiliate marketing efforts from Bing? I can't stand looking for a great deal, and then having my email addressed sold and resold to other affiliate marketing campaigns. Have you tested Bing's cashback affiliate links? Legit?

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