HP, Bing prepping 25% Savings

Saturday, October 17, 2009

HP, Bing prepping 25% Savings

Earlier today Hewlett-Packard announced via twitter that it will be offering extra 25% savings through Bing Cash Back in promotion of the Windows 7 launch.

"FYI folks" We're running a limited 25$ BingCashback promotion starting tomorrow to celebrate the Windows 7 launch!"

That's huge news, in less than 140 characters. See a picture of the tweet here.

Click here for more official, specific details regarding the special deal. Check back tomorrow for an update with more details.

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Glenn Friesen said...

I haven't heard much on the blog here since August -- does Qmania still have active staff? Why doesn't anyone respond to the comments of your most engaged users here on the blog?

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